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Journalist Liz Faublas has emerged as a leading figure on the public speaking circuit. Liz addresses a wide range of audiences from corporate decision makers, influential faith leaders, philanthropic/non-profit organizations and grade school and college students. She is best known for her powerful, thought-provoking addresses and engaging hosting style. The goal of every speech? To inform, motivate and inspire action and progress.

The Haitian-American journalist and producer of an award-winning television series speaks with passion and experience about the role of women in broadcast journalism and the importance of Haiti’s history in America. Liz proudly dedicates much of her time to addressing and inspiring young men and women throughout the country.

A former Bloomberg Television producer and a consumer news reporter, Liz speaks with unique insight about entrepreneurship and personal finance issues that affect the everyday consumer. The well rounded, multi-faceted professional is also a writer and the founder of literary company Million$Pen, Ink., publisher of three bestselling books.

FHTH Keynote Speaker
From Here to Haiti Annual Fundraising Gala
(October 2016)

Guest Speaker: Media and Today’s Youth (Overcoming Challenges, Realizing Dreams)
Our Lady of Miracles Launch of Youth Run Radio Show
(August 2016)

Host: Vicariate of Black Catholic Concerns Annual Ambassador Gala
St. Thomas Aquinas Church
(July 2016)

Guest Speaker: Importance of Catholic Press in Today’s Society
St. John’s University Mass Communication Class
(April 2016)

Featured Speaker/Presenter: Women’s Professional Day
St. Joseph High School
(March 2016)

Keynote Speaker: Youth & Young Adult Leadership Conference
St. Thomas Aquinas Church
(January 2015)

Host: Vicariate of Black Catholic Concerns Annual Ambassador Gala
St. Thomas Aquinas Church
(May 2014)

Guest Speaker: Breaking Into Television Broadcast
St. John’s University Coffee with a COACH Session
(October 2012) (September 2013)


Journalist coaches students
October 24, 2012


Liz Faublas delivers Keynote Speech at the From Here to Haiti Annual Fundraising Gala

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